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Opencart eCommerce Website Development Agency In chhattisgarh

website designing company in India

If you are looking for an open-source eCommerce website, then Opencart is the best choice. It is a one-stop solution for your online store. One can build it easily with some experience and the Opencart websites are user-friendly too. Whereas, you can have multiple add-on features that make the online store advanced. One can easily buy and sell products, add or manage the products, also it has multiple integrated features and many more. But to build an Opencart eCommerce website you need to understand the interface of the website.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in chhattisgarh, India

For proper operating eCommerce website and functionalities with quick set-up, you need to hire the website design company in chhattisgarh , Wepnex develops the best opencart eCommerce site like organic products eCommerce website .

e-commerce Web Development chhattisgarh


Best Opencart Ecommerce
Website Theme

Opencart has many free and premium themes, which are SEO-friendly, smooth, and have advanced features. Overall, the themes are easy to build and compatible with many browsers.


Mega Mart: Opencart 3 Multi-purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Mart theme is specialized for multi-purpose products store from fashion to electronics. The theme has super unique designs for the online store. You can vary the styled theme for Opencart based on the sections such as grocery, kids, tools, sports, etc. As the name suggests Mega Mart has responsive themes.


Intra Art: Opencart Multi-purpose Responsive Theme

The Intra Art theme with multi-color combination looks professional and compatibility helps to keep the online store alive on the browser with advanced features. You can use this Intra Art theme for different category products and being flexible is the upper hand of this theme.


Ankle: Boutique Opencart Responsive Theme

Ankle theme is attractive with integrated features such as videos featuring on the home page, stylish blogging, and many more. As the name suggests it has more focus on fashion. So an Ankle theme is more suitable for the fashion product Opencart eCommerce website.

Opencart Website VS Woocommerce Website

eCommerce websites are developing with many evolving features. Also, many businesses are taking the direct step to get the online store than offline stores. When it comes to eCommerce websites few names provide a complete solution for the eCommerce site. One of the biggest comparisons happens between Opencart and Woocommerce.

Wepnex brings you the genuine difference and showcases the best features of Opencart and Woocommerce eCommerce website platforms.



Opencart is technically free to impose online stores. But, you may be charged for Domain, hosting service, SSL certificate. However, it is less compared to the Woocommerce platform.

Woocommerce is free to use on WordPress websites and free to install too. But, you need to pay for monthly hosting, Domain name, and SSL certificate. Also, to improve the functionalities of the Woocommerce website (online store) you have to pay the charges.



Opencart is an open-source platform, which meant building an online store is free irrespective of store size. The opencart has its own themes and extensions. For using the Opencart you don't need to have a website previously for installing it. But, when you try to build the online store through Opencart you will experience lags.

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin, which was introduced to quickly and easily convert the existing WordPress website into an online store. Whereas Woocommerce has more themes and plugins than Opencart. Also, it is very user-friendly to build an online store.



Opencart has professional and feel-good themes for paid and also few basic store designs are free. In order to edit or customize the theme, you must know the HTML and CSS languages.

Woocommerce offers 2,100 free themes and 30,000 paid themes. It has multi-purpose usages for various category products. Also, it is easy to build or edit.



Opencart is an open-source tool. You can add any feature that you imagine for the online store. It is the shopping software so you have all the basic functions such as listing as many products you want, varieties of currencies and languages, images on each product.

woocommerce supports WordPress by providing easy conversion from website to online store. Whereas allows you to edit the store aesthetically. It has more advanced features and is SEO-friendly.

3 Best Opencart Ecommerce
Website 2021

Wepnex being the best eCommerce website development company chhattisgarh. We had built the few best Opencart eCommerce website that will blow your mind. Take a look at the internet's 3 Best Opencart website portfolio:


Athleto is India's health Supplements Brand. Now, they have moved online through an Php eCommerce website build by Wepnex.


Laticci is the US Opencart eCommerce website, that has collections of leather belts. You get the vibe and feel on this website.

Evolution Body

Evolution Body is the fitness products eCommerce website, which is responsive and has less load time.

MarketPlace eCommerce Website

cost in chhattisgarh

Wepnex is the eCommerce website development company in chhattisgarh, that provides the best services. So as the pricing of website services are of industry standards and competitive. It is affordable since we build using custom designs and the charges vary based on the following points:

  • How many Opencart eCommerce websites need to be developed
  • What functionalities are used from the Opencart such as hosting services, payment gateways, etc?
  • Elements and functionalities to be included in the website?
  • Project period, and many more.

Wepnex Opencart
Ecommerce Website Development Agency in chhattisgarh Reviews

Here are the short reviews shared by our testimonials,

  • I was keen about my eCommerce website and Wepnex delivered the best. I can only even think but not execute it. The fast and hard-working team of Wepnex gave me the precious website. I'm super happy and Best wishes to them!

  • I could observe the perfect work by Wepnex on my website. Every section is built with minute elements, that give it a professional look. Kudos to the team and best wishes for their future endeavors.

  • The varieties of services of Wepnex is more and the quality is the same, the best! From maintenance to developing a website, everything is best. Good luck with future projects.

  • consider Wepnex as the best web developing agency. Their portfolio speaks, each website (including mine) looks aesthetic and professional. I wish them success in their upcoming projects.
FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Opencart eCommerce
Website FAQs

1 What is an Opencart Website? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

Opencart is a platform, that provides a free online store with a payment gateway (charges applied). One can easily set up an eCommerce website using an Opencart. You get integrated features and themes for the eCommerce website. Since you must know HTML and CSS languages. So it is better to hire an agency like Wepnex for the best eCommerce website.

2 Is Shopify better than Opencart? Social Media FAQ

Each platform has its pros and cons. Shopify and Opencart are the biggest eCommerce website platform. Shopify is paid platform and Opencart is free for use and installation. Whereas you need to have the technical knowledge to build an online store on Opencart. If you have technical knowledge then it becomes easy and cost-effective to use Opencart.

3 How Wepnex stands out for an Opencart Website? Social Media FAQ2

Wepnex has used the platforms like Opencart, Shopify, Woocommerce. But, one of the best things about Wepnex is, it builds the website with custom designs that are effective in developing business. Also, they provide various web services, which become a one-stop solution for web development.

4 Is Opencart SEO-friendly? SM FAQ

Opencart is no different, the website built on a platform like Opencart is SEO-friendly. You get advanced blogging style pages for developing the search lists. However, Opencart is very supportive, when it comes to SEO.

5 Does Opencart support WordPress? SM FAQ

Yes, Opencart supports WordPress, the integration is used as extension to update the WordPress Cart. Both works parallel when you link it. Any changes on WordPress Cart will reflect on Opencart