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Magento eCommerce Website Development Agency In chhattisgarh

website designing company in India

An all-in-one platform for your eCommerce website management, one that is highly recommended by any website development agency you go to, is Magento. Magento is an eCommerce platform built providing a lot of functions to manage an online store, that has pretty much become a requisite in today’s dynamic and digitalised world, increasing the importance of having a Magento eCommerce website. Built on open-source technology, Magento offers key features like content of your store, functionality, control, and even a flexible shopping cart system. To know the crucial aspects and to utilize this platform to its maximum efficiency, you must learn everything about the same. But in times of emergency, most companies opt to collaborate with a Magento eCommerce website development agency like Wepnex, a leading agency in this field.

website designing company in India

Website Designing Company in chhattisgarh, India

But why is it preferred to turn towards an agency rather than developing and integrating Magento by yourself? Here are a few reasons why:

  • They have teams of experts with extensive experience who would help in almost flawless development.
  • Proper planning is crucial as amateurs tend to miss out on this, and that is fulfilled by agencies.
  • The crucial and advanced resources that would be available with them may be more than your company.
  • The quality of results would be way higher due to their extensive knowledge than when done by yourself.
  • The support and satisfaction provided by a Magento eCommerce website development agency would help in improving the efficiency of your company.
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What is Magento Website?

Magento, the eCommerce platform is one that is very robust. It is a platform that helps you in building a website for your company that has world class features that are cross platform too. When your company integrates Magento website development, you are bound to end up with a site that is claimed to be the most SEO friendly, thus increasing organic traffic. A Magento website would mean you get complete flexibility over what your content should be, how the designs and the aesthetics should look, the functions provided and the user interface of the site; thus, being able to enhance the overall user experience as per your requirements and desires.

So, what are the key features and advantages that you would procure when opting to go for a Magento website development? First of all, the cost effectiveness. Magento has a couple of different versions where one is free and open sourced, one is paid, and one is paid & hosted on Magento’s servers. The open sourced one, Magento Community Edition, is the one that is used most popularly for eCommerce development. Thus, making it budget friendly

It is easy to install and has features that easily enables the user to add additional plug-ins and necessary layouts to customise it to the maximum. Other than offering flexible and scalable eCommerce solutions, Magento also provides more than 50 payment gateways that makes your site more attractive and easier for the customer. Plus, it also provides multiple added features like allowing various discounts and promotions during checkout, and an easy theme system that helps customize the design completely as per needs. And for you, as the user of Magento to improve your business, you get to manage your products and other functions on the site with ease; thus, without needing a lot of coding you get to edit and manage everything on your site.

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Magento Website Vs WooCommerce Website

Magento is not the only eCommerce platform out there, there are a lot of other similar ones that prove to be competitors of Magento. An example is Shopify eCommerce development. But the main example in comparison here is the WooCommerce eCommerce website platform. So how do we decide which one is more superior and which is the one you must go for? That is why the following comparison will help you settle the long going debate of Magento Vs WooCommerce



Magento and WooCommerce both are very affordable and budget friendly options. But WooCommerce has very limited efficiency when compared to Magento and thus it might end up being costly. But the free source version of Magento is more flexible and has many more features that provide a much better experience to both the user and customer that is easy and hassle free, while also being quicker. The degree of flexibility for free is the highlight of Magento, and it also provides a paid version for bigger corporate companies with higher level of features for a decent price.



A very critical aspect when getting into the field of eCommerce for both the customer and the business management. Here again Magento has a higher hand as while using this platform, the security features are inbuilt and priorly integrated. But with WooCommerce , it is necessary to use additional plugins for a security system as unlike Magento, the CMS does not address the security concerns automatically.



This criterion plays a pretty important role as if the speed or the performance is not up to standard, you will not be able to convert potential customers. On the contrary, you might even lose your customer base due to high loading time and poor performance of your website. In this aspect, both the platforms do a pretty decent job but for WooCommerce to work smoothly, you need additional hosting plan, content delivery network, etc.



Magento wins this round by a whooping score as WooCommerce does have a decent platform but Magento has a much bigger one. Magento has a specific and a big team of support systems dedicated specifically for customer service and support. Additionally, Magento Support service can also be obtained that would be a backed system for your eCommerce store that results in smoother performance and almost flawless working , and a greater user experience.

These are just a few key characteristics and points that would help you come to a conclusion about which platform is the one for you. And from our point of view and perspective, Magento is a much feasible and intelligent choice that is far more superior that most other eCommerce platforms in a majority of aspects. So why wait when you can turn to agencies like Wepnex, a website designing company in chhattisgarh, to help you with the flawless development of the perfect Magento websites for your eCommerce store and grow your business significantly.

Magento Website Development

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The pricing structure of agencies like Wepnex, a leading website design company chhattisgarh, is not determined especially when coming to projects like developing a Magento website for an eCommerce store. This is majorly because, a fixed price or a quote cannot be established as each project differs in type and extent of services provided. The following are a few examples of features that highly influence the cost of developing a Magento based website:

  • The industry/sector your firm belongs to.
  • The duration of the entire project.
  • Expectations of the company to be met.
  • Desired quality and the quantity of output.
  • Complexity of the designing
  • Functions to be included.

Wepnex Magento Website
Development Agency in chhattisgarh Reviews

  • “Wepnex helped us bring our vision into reality by making our desires come true. The teams were professional and worked quickly but also with high quality results. Looking forward to more collaborations.”

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  • “Wepnex provided our company with excellent service and support from start to finish of the project and was very supportive throughout the process. Highly recommended.”

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Magento Website Development

1 Do you provide Magento development services for small projects? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

Yes. Our services will be provided no matter the size of the project, from basic redesign of the Magento website to developing a completely new one from scratch, we provide them all.

2 Is the Magento website you create mobile friendly? Social Media FAQ

Yes, All the developed eCommerce sites are mobile friendly. In fact, these sites are developed in such a way that it is accessible by every device and every platform.

3 How can I track the progress of the project and the site development? Social Media FAQ2

Our team will be delivering reports and updates on a regular manner. Frequent calls and meetings will be held so that you are caught up with each and every process that takes place. And you will not be missing out on even a single detail.

4 What license is Magento registered under? SM FAQ

Magento is licensed under the OSL, that is, the Open Software License 3.0 that certifies open-source platforms.

5 Will Magento help in selling my products and services to customers who are overseas? SM FAQ

Magento platform, especially Magento 2 development, provides you with a lot of features like currency converter, multi-currency payments, discount and shipping calculation, multiple languages, etc.