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Doesn’t the idea of selling anytime anywhere
across the globe fascinate you? If yes, get ready
for your ecommerce store development!


Website Development

e-commerce Online Store Development chhattisgarh

Ecommerce Store

Take your products online, set up payment systems, offer your customers discounts and offers, and do anything and everything! With the amazing Ecommerce website developer, set up your store throughout the length and breadth of the Internet! Avail our ecommerce development services and enter your dream virtual store.

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Ecommerce Store features
Online Store Features

Ecommerce Store
must-have features

Set up a milestone in your online business by gifting it the best ecommerce website design. The umbrella will shelter all the features necessary for your ecommerce website development. Undoubtedly, we provide amazing online store development services.

Payment Gateways


Product Listing pages Design

Product Listing

Inventory Page Development


Inventory Dashboard Development


Product Variants Option

Product Variants

e-commerce Website Development chhattisgarh

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Ecommerce Store Best Online Platforms

Ecommerce Store Best
Online Platforms

Best Ecommerce Website Designing Company in chhattisgarh



Our ecommerce development services pass through each and every process of ecommerce website development in chhattisgarh. We check every word and every design without compromising the quality. On the whole, you will be happy to receive the store from our hands.

e-commerce Web Development chhattisgarh
Ecommerce Web Development


website design pages Checklist

After the design is over, we check every bit of your ecommerce site. From home page to about page, every feature adds beauty to your business. We don’t limit our ecommerce development services to designing alone, we go more steps to check all the pages.

Ecommerce Product Listing

Website product
listing page
e-commerce Store Development chhattisgarh

Product listing page is not only a mandatory but also an additional marketing technique for your ecommerce business. Variety of products should be arranged according to the customer’s interests and the trends of the industry. We offer the best design for your product listing page.

BBT Check List
Ecommerce Store Development

Website product
Detail page

Product Detail is a landing page, where the users obtain information about the product they chose. Proper structuring of details, presenting the product attractively, are few points to remember. You have to pay heed to these minute details in your ecommerce website development.

Product Detail Page
Online Store Creation

Website About Us
Website Design

Ecommerce store development is not about creating a store online, but to promote yourself and engage with customers online. Explaining to people about your business, What is your mission? Is very important. Give us your About Page to us. We’ll show your better version.

steel-toe About Us Page
Online Store Creation 1

Website Cart
Web Development

Your cart page on your ecommerce site is a summary of the products the customers want to buy! The page also shows the total price of the purchase from your store, much similar to the bill received in physical stores.

steel-toe Cart Page
steel-toe Cart

Checkout Page
Ecommerce website developer

Checkout page is an area where you can engage with your users more personally. We must give alerts, suggested products, newsletter subscription dialogs, etc in the checkout page. Because we always want our users to stay a little longer on the ecommerce store.

steel-toe Checkout Page
Customer Icon

Customer Page
Sale products online

Ecommerce customer page contains details of the orders placed and their current status. One of the main features of your ecommerce store development, the customer page is essential for the users to know their activities in your ecommerce site.

Customer Page
Tracking Icon

Website Order
tracking Page
Best Ecommerce Website Design

This page will help you keep your customers in excitement. The page updates the customer about the shipping details and the phase in which the product is currently in. Order Tracking is a highlighted point in your ecommerce store development.

Tracking Page



All five fingers are not the same. Different businesses require different types of ecommerce website development processes. We offer the best ecommerce store development services in the market.

Fashion Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce Website

“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear” Your customers wish to look stylish.

Cosmetics Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce Website

Are you interested in make-up products, cosmetics, frequently marketed consumer goods?

Furniture Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce Website

Do you deal with sofas, tables, mattresses, beds? Then we design your ecommerce site.



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Our Happy Clients

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Web Design

Shopify Web Design Client
BBT Logo
Santosh Dalai

CEO | Aarchi.net

“The website Wepex created for us is unimaginable full of animations and interesting designs. We thank Rohit for giving us the best e commerce website for our Home Service business. Choosing Wepnex- the excellent website designing company, we ever know, was the best decision for our website.”

Project Type

Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design Client
Social Media chhattisgarh Client
Ashwani Tyagi

CEO | athleto.in

“At first we never thought that social media marketing is essential for us. But later the results of Wepex’s marketing strategies revealed the power of social media. We are happy to work with a genius agency like Wepex. They have really great innovative ideas! Thank you Wepex for taking our Athleto to social media.”

Ecommerce Web Design Company India


online store is the Future

You won’t believe- more than 90% of the businesses are turning online. It’s high time you construct a grand home on the Internet. Sense the actual development in the form of sales boost.

Global eCommerce retail sales

Trillion Global eCommerce retail sales hit by 2021

Ecommerce Website Designing Company in chhattisgarh

Billion people worldwide purchase goods online

Ecommerce Mobile shopping App

Ecommerce Mobile shopping revolution in 2020

Ecommerce Web Design Company chhattisgarh

Consumer-increase after Covid-19 crisis

FAQ on Ecommerce Web Development

Website Design

1 Where is your company located? Cost of Developing Ecommerce Website

We are in the National Capital Territory. Raipur Chhattisgarh is our Home. We spread our designs throughout the country. Don't worry if you are far, the Internet connects us. Do you know where exactly we are? Near Radha Krishna Temple, Ram Nagar, Raipur Chhattisgarh- 492001, India.

You can always drop us a “Hi” in [email protected]. We are here to help you with Ecommerce site development, offering you amazing design development services.

2 What is the cost of developing an ecommerce website? Social Media FAQ

An e-commerce business with small sized inventory of around 10-12 products/SKUs requires 80k to 1.3 L. Businesses with mid sized inventory of 25-40 SKUs or products start at Rs 2L - 4L and market place or SKU over 50 may cost 5-6L. When your business requires this much, it is advisable to spend less amounts in your website development. But at the same time, low cost should not ruin the quality of the site. So it is always advisable to optimize your site at a low cost. We are the best affordable ecommerce website developing agency in India. We have the best plans for you! Normally, website development ranges between $100 and $500. Roughly a few thousand bucks. But YOLO! We have lower prices but high quality sites.

Chat with us to know more about our costs.

3 What next after going online? SM FAQ

  • Build a great website
  • Store development and management
  • Add payment portals
  • Add all essential features
  • Maintain customer records
  • Social media marketing.

Don’t panic. There is a single replacement step for these activities.
{we are here to chat with you peeps!}

4 What is website promotion? Social Media FAQ2

We are not going to give you some Wiki definitions here. Instead we shall focus on tried and tested strategies of promotion. It is actually taking your website to millions of homes by making use of the available advertising platforms. Oh no! That does not mean, you should not create a platform for advertising. Necessity is the mother of innovation.

We focus on ecommerce store development and SEO performance. We have tons of creative promotion ideas for your business development. Tete a tete with us to activate your business with the help of energy boosters from the distinct website development company in the country.

5 Why do I need website design? FAQ

Good question. But do you know? More than 80% of the businesses have an online presence. So your website should get an edge over other competitors. Hence, you need to have an amazing design. Design defines your business development, when it is online. Design alongside feature development ensures your success. So without hesitating more, ping us to know what the classy website designing company in chhattisgarh has in store for you!